James Hoskin's

curriculum vitae


Personal Details

Contact - E-mail
Education - Sept 1988 to June 1993 Tiffin School
Queen Elisabeth Road
 Sept 1995 to June 1997 North East Surrey College Of Technology
Reigate Road
KT17 3DS
 Sept 1997 to June 2001 Department of Computer Science
The University Of Manchester
Oxford Road
M13 9PL


(from before the days of A*s)
June 1993 - A - GCSE Computer Science
 - A -GCSE Mathematics
 - B -GCSE Biology
 - B -GCSE Chemistry
 - B -GCSE English Language
 - B -GCSE English Literature
 - B -GCSE Geography
 - C -GCSE French
 - C -GCSE History
 - C -GCSE Physics
June 1996/7- A -GCE A-Level Computer Science
 - B -GCE A-Level (Pure/Statistics) Mathematics
 - C -GCE A-Level General Studies
 - D -GCE A-Level Business Studies
June 2001  2:1 BSc (hons) in Computer Science with Industrial Experience

 Including courses in:
 - Artificial intelligence fundamentals
 - Computer networks
 - Computer vision
 - Database architecture, model and design
 - Distributed operating systems
 - High performance parallel computing
 - Information retrieval, Hypermedia and the web
 - Interactive computer graphics (using OpenGL)
 - Object oriented programming in java
 - Object oriented software construction
 - Operating systems
 - Software engineering
 - Systems design and development

 Final year project entitled "Fvwm-themes and AnotherLevelUp"
 - An analysis, and attempted merger of two fvwm2 configurations.

Programming Skills

CUsed at university & extensively at Motorola
HTML / JavascriptSelf-taught (see work experience below)
PHP / mySQLSelf-taught (see work experience below)
PerlSelf-taught for use on my 3rd year project
C++Used a little at Motorola
JavaUsed at university for 2 terms
SML, Prolog & LispUsed at university for 1 term
MIPS assembly languageUsed at university for 1 term
PascalUsed for my A-Level project
BBC BasicUsed for my GCSE project

Operating System Experience

Windows 95 / XPUsed on my home computer
Windows NT 4.0Used at University
Sun OS (unix)Used at University
Linux (Redhat 5/6)Used at University
HP UX (unix)Used at Motorola Labs
Windows 2000Used at Motorola Labs

Computing Experience

January 1999 Designed web site for Colin Hall Marketing


Just a favour for my neighbour. He has now retired so the website is no longer in operation.
Sept 1999 to Sept 2000 Research engineer for Motorola Labs


During my industrial experience year I mainly used C, but also used C++, and various shell scripts. I was part of a team developing the Motorola GSM AMR WB speech codec for submission to become part of the GSM AMR standard.
Nov 1999 to April 2001 Helped maintain www.gabtraders.com website


I play & trade STCCG for a hobby. This site allows traders from all around the world to get together.
April 2001 to Dec 2002 Designed an online database for a gaming site


This site allows players of the online STCCG game to join a ladder league and record results against each other. The database was initially created using CGI/Perl scripts, but has been converted to run using PHP and mySQL.
Nov 2005 onwards Designed website for a House Atreides


A PHP-based site with a mySQL database designed for some friends. They are the UK’s biggest online trading card (TCG/CCG) singles dealer, and required a searchable database and online ordering system for customers. At the time of writing, the site is still under development.

Other Skills and Training

1985 to 1994 Played Trumpet with 1st Hook Scout and Guide Marching Band
1992 to 1993 'Helper' with 1st Hook B Pack Cub Scouts
1993 Chief Scout's Award gained
1994 Passed category B driving test (still clean)
1997 Passed City & Guilds Level 1 Qualifications in Word-processing, Spreadsheets, and Databases. Includes typing speed measured to be at least 30 w.p.m
2002 Star Trek CCG UK championship runner-up
2003 Star Trek CCG UK champion
2006 onwards Author of Star Trek CCG articles for the manufacturer’s website – www.decipher.com


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