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Please read the title of this site as a 'waste of space' belonging to James Hoskin, and not as 'James Hoskin is a waste of space'.  Thanks

If you want to know about me read on:
I graduated from the Computer Science department at the University of Manchester. During my 4 years study for the degree, I had a little (ahem!) spare time, so I created this site. It started off life as a collection of drinking games, but I have expanded it to include emails I have been sent and found amusing, and various other time wasting activities.

I scoured the net for drinking games and have listed my favourites. Some of the games were not created by me, they are various drinking games shaken and stirred together (with some of my own ideas to add a little spice). If you recognise your ideas thank you for your unknowing contribution.

Look for this iconThis is newor look at my What's New page - you know what they mean!

Fellow CCG fans please view my list of the Star Trek and Young Jedi cards that I need and have to swap. You can play with my shopping cart system.

P.S Prospective employers (does the Jedi hand-waving-mind-control thing) - You want to offer me a job with a seven figure salary! If you absolutely insist, you can look at my C.V., but don't forget to offer me that job.


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